Friday, November 12, 2010

The (Half) Flying Greenhouse

We've had a second night of high winds courtesy of Hurricane Tomas with blasts expected up to 100km per hour through this weekend. Last night's battering finally broke our greenhouse with one support strut breaking off and sending half the roof sheets on one side into orbit.

This aluminium framed greenhouse has roof sheets made of see through plastic with hollow tubular forms running through each sheet. I'd already lined all the exposed edges on the greenhouse with a hard silicon sealant some months ago. It obviously wasn't enough to weather those bits of Tomas getting to the east coast and presumably lifting the lids on greenhouses all over.

Closer inspection this morning on retrieving the sheets from various parts of the garden showed the frame had been bent a bit. It took a few hours early this morning to put it right. And because the frame was slightly out, any fraction of a movement here or there sent the roof panels popping out of their channels. Get one in and the other pops out. Put that one in and the first one pops out. But it had to be done quick because leaving it open at all to the wind would just see the rest of it broken up tonight. The darned thing took me three days to put up in the first place. Thank God it's not glass!

I finally got it repaired and dosed every gap with more sealant. I just hope it dries before the worst of tonight's squalls. It's 8.20pm and wind is already howling out there.

Grounded for now - my aluminium and sheet plastic greenhouse

An uncle has a glass version up in the Dublin mountains and I heard he throws wet carpet over his when storms are predicted. No spare carpet here tho. Fingers crossed.

Meantime and far more importantly, Her Outdoors is now a day overdue for the maternity hospital.  We've had a few false alarms already and I hope those winds won't make a quick dash to Holles Street. In any case, Plot 34 needs another enthusiastic little labourer ever since the last one got hooked on Nintendo DS. In one of his favourite games he actually grows virtual vegetables!!! Wonder if he'd like some virtual food for his next dinner te he

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