Friday, December 3, 2010

Plot 34's Eight Year Old Head of Secret Tunnels (HST) Says...

Some thoughts from Plot 34's eight year old Head of Secret Tunnels (he wants his job back)...

"I think the allotment is pretty good because it's very big and it has some space to grow some stuff. What I like most about it is that it's pretty fun to dig. I don't like the allotment sometimes because the weather is sometimes bad and that there's rats everywhere. The bad thing about having rats everywhere is that you can't grow that many stuff because they'd eat it."

"I eat the potatoes, I eat the carrots sometimes oh yeah, I eat the berries - the black berries and the red berries. If you're up at the allotment you always see other people trying to plant something or take covers off plants. You can see the city from up there. You can see some big buildings and a Vodaphone shop. There's this big building with a Vodaphone sign on it."

HST: "Cool!"
"The other good thing about the allotment is that at the back you can dig secret tunnels and I'm thinking you can dig a tunnel to the North Pole this time. So that Santa could just get all of his elves and carry all the presents and then pop up in the allotment and then magic up a car and drive down and give all the presents to the children."

"Last year in school we grew some flowers but not food. I want to grow maybe some onions. I kind of like them now. I'd say to any other children whose dads are getting an allotment that they should save up for a portaloo."

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