Sunday, October 24, 2010

Plot 34 - Blood Sweat and Allotmenteers

After four years of writing in the Sunday Times about Plot 34, my allotment at the foot of the Dublin hills, and of relating its ongoing triumphs and failures; I have put my experiences into a book: Plot 34 - Blood Sweat and Allotmenteers which is published November 2010 through Brandon Books and available in most bookshops.

BSA is a mix of humour, ranting and advice on the domestic food growing front. It's essentially a compilation of my own personal observations on the experience of starting an allotment from scratch. I did this with the view of producing as much fresh produce for my family as could be possible from a 120 square metre patch of ground - which usually looks like a cross between a world disaster zone and a Tim Burton movie set, but with cabbages.

The book also looks into the processes whereby the "fresh" food produce we purchase in the shops is tinkered with before it gets to your table, it tells how to get started whether you have managed to secure an allotment or whether you've got a small garden, a balcony or even just an indoor window sill.  

If enough of you buy the book, they might just let me do another one!!

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